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Focke Meler is committed to continue offering innovation and technology to the industrial sector, which increasingly demands greater quality and traceability.

The new SDA applicator SDA (Smart Dosing Application) has been designed as the perfect ally for Industry 4.0 adhesive application thanks to its main features: precision, smart performance and customisation.

SDA has a gear pump installed in the applicator body to ensure maximum precision when applying the adhesive, and a servomotor that accurately controls the flow applied. But, by optimising the components selected, the company has created a precise, sturdy applicator that is also the lightest on the market.

SDA is connected and reports all data to the management computer system in real time. The result is total traceability of the quantity of adhesive applied, temperature, speed, etc. And, this new applicator can be configured as master or slave, depending on the client’s needs, to offer greater autonomy.

With over 30 years of experience, Focke Meler Gluing Solutions is a leading company in adhesive application solutions and systems for multiple sectors: graphic arts, packaging, automotive, construction, wood and textiles, and others. In recent years, Focke Meler has increased its international presence by opening various subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy and, more recently, the UK and US.


Focke Meler致力于继续为工业部门提供创新和技术,这对质量和可追溯性的要求越来越高。













Focke Meler Gluing Solutions拥有30多年的经验,是面向多个行业的粘合剂应用解决方案和系统的领先公司:图形艺术,包装,汽车,建筑,木材和纺织品等。近年来,Focke Meler通过在法国,德国,意大利以及最近在英国和美国开设了多家子公司来扩大其国际影响力



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